Graduate School Mission

As an institution of higher education, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico provides opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds in different locations using multiple methods of delivery to cultivate their potential for leadership, productivity and competitiveness with the purpose of providing greater social responsibility toward their communities, through exposure to intellectual, humanistic and technological advancement. 




  • To contribute to the socio-economic development of Puerto Rico through the formation of well rounded and educated engineers, architects, surveyors, and business managers.
  • To provide access to higher education to additional segments of our population other than traditional high school graduates.
  • To provide students with the capability to continue graduate education.
  • To foster the linkage between PUPR and industry, government, commerce and professional associations.
  • To utilize the latest technology to provide, facilitate and manage PUPR’s educational offerings.
  • To develop in students a profound ethical commitment and a sense of professional competence and social responsibility.
  • To promote the linkage among the university and its communities.
  • To foster and promote an applied research culture.
  • To develop critical thinking and a scientific approach in the analysis and solutions of professional and social problems.
  • To promote the dissemination of knowledge through the teaching-learning process and publications.
  • To achieve long-term sustainable growth in financial resources.
  • To enhance cultural diversity outside PUPR’s geographical border.